Why Ohio has an Increased Number of Travel Nurses?

Why Ohio has an Increased Number of Travel Nurses?

When you think about desired vacationing locations Ohio doesn’t usually come up on the top of the list.  Then why are so many Travel Nurses taking on assignments in Ohio?  To answer that question let’s look at the reasons that are causing an influx of travel nurses.  The top 3 reasons why more and more Travel Nurses are heading to the buckeye state:

  • Higher Pay Opportunities
  • Hospital Reputation
  • Entertainment/Activities

Higher Pay opportunities is one of the main reasons why Ohio is a desirable location.  There are two major factors driving the higher pay; the per-diem rates in certain counties in Ohio are higher than some of the major metropolitan cities, according to the GSA published max per-diem.  Couple that with the second major factor Housing cost.  Lower Cost of Housing goes hand and hand with Higher Pay opportunities.  If you are receiving a non-taxable housing stipend and the cost of your housing is less than most other locations in the US, than the amount of compensation that you actually receive increases dramatically.  For example, according, Yardi Systems,Inc, the average rental rate in Ohio for a 1 bedroom 628 Sq. Ft. is $587.00 compared to a Chicago, IL where the average rental rate for the same square footage is $1,771 and in Dallas, TX the same 628 Sq. ft. will cost you $1,050.  That is a savings of $1,184 monthly over Chicago and $463 monthly over Dallas, TX.  For more information about Travel Nursing Compensation pleas see our article on “Travel Nursing Compensation”.

Hospital Reputation is another major reason Travel Nurses are choosing Ohio as a desirable location.  According to US News & World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll, there are 6 hospital systems in Ohio that are ranked in the top 25 hospitals in the country out of 4500 hospital systems.  According to Becker’s Hospital Review for Best Hospitals 2018-19 out of 5,000 hospitals in Cancer Ohio is in the Top 10, in Cardiology Ohio is number 1, in Gynecology Ohio is in the top 10, and in Orthopedics Ohio is in the top 10 hospitals.

Entertainment/Activities is rounding out the main reasons why travelers are attracted to Ohio.  Each city has it’s own unique entertainment, activities, and night life.  Below is some general information on the cities in Ohio:

Columbus OH
Columbus, also the state capital, is the travel nursing destination often requested by those looking for assignments in Ohio. There are a few reasons why, but the centralized location within the state and the hospitals located there are two key factors. Located in the middle of Ohio, Columbus is a vibrant city with lots to offer. Columbus is the 15th largest U.S. city in terms of population, and is home to The Ohio State University, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Franklin Park Conservatory. Columbus’ location gives relatively quick access to other major cities, with Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Lexington all under a 3-hour drive from the city’s center. Many of Columbus’ hospitals are regarded as the best in the state.

Dayton, OH
Known for the hometown of Wilbur and Orville Wright (Aviation birth place…sorry north Carolina) has a lot to offer travel nurses. There are high volume of travel nursing jobs out of Dayton, and at higher bill rates than is typical of most other Ohio hospitals. Just a short drive north from neighboring Cincinnati, the city has great amenities to offer, a family-friendly appeal, and unique attractions like the U.S. Air Force Museum and the Oregon District.

Cincinnati, OH
The Queen City is yet another travel nursing hot spot it the Buckeye State. A vibrant river city with a strong German heritage, Cincinnati is a surprising Midwestern gem for most first-time visitors. While the city may be best known for it’s chili or as the birthplace of professional baseball, it’s unique traditions (like the world’s largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany, as well as the annual Flying Pig Marathon), many nurses have found Cincinnati to be the perfect fit for travelers.

Cleveland, OH
Ohio’s second-largest city rounds out our top-four travel nursing hot spot list. Boasting major healthcare facilities and great amenities for residents and visitors alike, Cleveland is yet another attractive option for nurses considering an assignment in the Buckeye State. Outside of work, the Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians provide year-round athletic entertainment at the professional level, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must-visit for anyone new to the city. Continuing with the sports theme, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is just an hour-long drive south from downtown Cleveland in Canton, Ohio.

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We hope this helps give some insights into why some many Traveling Nurses are taking assignment in Ohio.  If you are interested in learning more, or have questions about travel benefits, please call us at 937-572-7902.  We are happy to help!