The Travel Nurse Packing List

The Travel Nurse Packing List

We are thrilled that you found your travel assignment with Fusion HCR Healthcare, and now you are beginning your voyage to your next destination! Packing for any assignment can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it all. That being said, we have prepared a list for your travel nurse assignment compiled from travelers themselves. These are the necessities!

  •  Documents

Be sure to pack your license, insurance cards, and your start details of your assignment. In addition, make sure you see what type of identification is required in your new state, have all of your licenses up to date. Make sure your birth certificate, social security card, passport are either safely traveling with you or in a fireproof safe with someone you trust.  It is our recommendation that you take that fireproof safe with you.

  • Personal Items

We don’t recommend bringing your family heirlooms; but pictures of friends and family, favorite coffee mug, little reminders of home can help with the newness of being in a place that you may not have ever visited.

  • Clothes

We know you have this covered, however we mention this because we don’t want you to forget to do your research when it comes to climate in your new locations, expected temperatures for the entire 13-weeks, and expected rainfall in your new destination. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned compensation on clothes you forgot to pack.

  • Electronics

Electronics that we recommend on top of your typical electronics (laptop, Cellphone) are kindles, iPads, and game consoles. We often hear about forgetting headphones but the most frustrating, YOUR CHARGERS!!

  • Medications

We know you know not to forget your medications, vitamins, etc. Beyond that, there are three things to remember, either ensure that you have copies of your prescriptions or your provider has called in your meds.  Second, you have researched pharmacies close to your new place.  Third, pack a first aid kit to have on hand in your new home.

  • Household Items

If you are in a furnished apartment, extended stay, or Airbnb, check with your housing provider on what is provided in “furnished” housing and what is not. We recommend getting a complete list of what is included. Think about things that would most likely be omitted in furnished housing. Do not assume.  Here is a brief list to get you thinking; silverware, plates, bowls, pots and pans, portable fans, clothe hangers, cleaning products.  Think about what you use every day, write it down.  Two of the most commonly missed items, as per other travelers, toilet paper and hand towels.

  • Traveling Pet(s)

If you are traveling with a pet, research a nearby vet for an unexpected situation around the area you will be living in. Fetch, Rover, and even Care.com are great apps for helping out with your pet while you are at work, if needed.  Also, make sure you hire a pet sitter that is bonded and insured.  Lastly, stock up on pet food, supplies, and toys.

  • Regional Items

If you are traveling from New York to California in November you can count on going from snow to a sunshine. Therefore, needed items would be: sunscreen, beach towel, volleyball, bikes, helmets, scooters, etc.  If you are going from Texas to Ohio in January needed items would be; Chapstick, hand warmers, ice skates, skis, and maybe winter hiking boots.  Every location will have something exciting to do, research and pack accordingly.


Fusion HCR Healthcare Travel Nursing

We hope this helps give some insights into what to pack on your travel assignment.  If you are interested in learning more or have questions about getting ready for your assignment, please call us at 937-572-7902.  We are happy to help.